Buy-Now-Pay-Later: Reducing the "Time to yes" with

What´s Time to Yes means: Embrace the digital-lending evolution for credit decisioning, bringing faster and more accurate decision. Time to Decision or Time to Cash

In the Time-to-Yes race, brings the right approach to a more demanding credit decisioning ecosystem, based on banking transactional data. Lenders need to understand how to properly measure risk. While it is crucial that the process is smooth, secure and fast, it also needs to be risk-free. For e-commerce, #openbanking is the watchdog that enables a balance to be found between the interests of both consumers and merchants.

Customer Journy:

Redesigned business-lending process from end to end, allowing it to eliminate numerous barriers. Look after the entire process not only your underwriting part,seek for efficiency. Without an end-to-end orientation you might get disappointing results.

Try to improve the credit process piece by piece tend to become incremental, lose customer focus, and miss the big-picture opportunity to deliver a fundamental step change in performance and approach.

The Right Momentum:

Introducing automation is not that simple as you think. First, to establish accuracy, many digital lenders test models on past decisions. Algoan interacts with lenders running back tests on creditors newly developed decision engine on all applications from the past months or years. For BNPL they have developed and launched a highly sophisticated PAY Score just for improving response at POS (Time to Yes)

The tests should prove that the automated engine based on data-driven assessments and a structured credit “decisioning” framework was better at predicting default risk than the subjective human assessments had been, and Algoan BNPL innovative Payment Score, has achieved it—and far more consistent, which was a key factor in approving the model for use on new cases.

Algoan: The Final Score

Best in class proprietary scoring model. Supported by dynamic customer information based on financial behavior rather than static and declarative socio-demographic data.

Fairer and more responsible access to credit. Algoan Score aims at decreasing lenders’ risk while still granting more loans.

Optimize your ‘time to yes’. You don’t need hours and days to assess your applicants’ situation. Algoan score is instantaneous.

Since the data is directly retrieved from the bank account, there is no room for fraud or document falsification. The data is reliable, and the assessment is based on the borrower’s real financial situation.

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